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Experience and Professionalism – Our Hallmark.

Based in Fishers, IN, Medium Cool Pictures continues to execute relevant and broadcast-worthy programs for its clients. From pre to post production, our boutique, full-service production company knows storytelling. Having a story of our own, we know a thing or two about telling them well.

Medium Cool Pictures was founded and is operated by Philip Paluso. An experienced writer and director, he has a knack for telling stories that resonate with your audience. Over the years, he has developed an attention to detail, thorough research and on-time delivery, ensuring that your project is on-brand and ready for viewers.

Philip’s primary motivation is to instill positive change in organizations, businesses, communities, and institutions through meaningful video production. To that, Medium Cool Pictures continues to be an industry leader, modernizing their craft with the most effective technologies as they come and staying abreast to the growing industry standards.

What Our Clients Have to Say.

“As a nonprofit, we don’t have the luxury of a large marketing budget and therefore are limited to the production of one professional video per year. It is always gratifying to see how our audiences are moved by the video, those tears being wiped away prove that a heart’s been touched. What I have found amazing, is that even after countless viewings, the videos that Philip has produced for Janus continue to bring tears to my own eyes every time!”
Christina Sorensen, President/CEO
Janus Developmental Services

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