Wings for Maggie Ray

This award-winning feature documentary by filmmaker Philip Paluso is about an Indiana farm girl who answered her country’s call to duty and became a flying legend. Here is the compelling true story of Margaret “Maggie Ray” Ringenberg, World War II WASP pilot and later renowned long distance aviation racer, as told through insightful interviews, exciting re-enactments, and meticulously researched archive photos and film.

Witness how this aviation trailblazer from America’s heartland became, in a time of war and beyond, a shining example of our nation’s greatest generation.
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Wings For Maggie Ray Reviews
“This is an amazing story which is especially inspiring because it is true. What she and the rest of the female aviators of this era did cannot be applauded enough. They truly paved the way for today’s military women to participate in nearly every aspect of military service.”
– Laura M.
“I enjoy history documentaries that don’t have the feeling of being over cooked. Maggie is one of those kind of people that would have been a genuine honor to have known. This is a great film to embellish the life of great person that can easily be looked up to as a real trend setter of her time. The family portrayal of their love for Maggie is a refreshing ingredient.”
– Estelle H.
“I have known about the WASPs through history, but most sources seem to gloss over details. This was VERY educational about the formation of the WASP and training of those Brave ladies. Before this film, I had only known that they served (in a man’s world) and that their service was necessary, and vital to the war effort.

Also learned of Maggie’s particular Drive and Determination to succeed in her chosen field; as well as her love of flying throughout her many years.”
– Isomax