A full-service production company that gets you & your brand.

Stories are better told when you work with a full-service video production company that understands your brand. From our valued clients in the greater Indianapolis area to regional and national brands, Medium Cool Pictures has the expertise to put your next project into motion.
Our video production services include but are not limited to:

Marketing / Advertisement Videos

Documentaries / Narratives

Social Media Videos

Corporate Training Videos


Web Streaming Videos

Music Videos

We know the process, inside & out.

Here are a few of the video production roles we’ll perform:


We provide powerful scripts that emotionally connect with your audience, keeps them engaged, and leaves your intended target viewers with a memorable message. This pre-production phase, otherwise known as the creative development phase, is the point where we build the script for your marketing/promotion program, TV ad, or documentary. Not sure if we script it? Just ask.

Directing / Cinematography / Producing

With the script clearly defined, we work on developing the imagery needed for your video to come together. This phase involves the next stage of pre-production where the elements of your video are finalized and a location is decided and set up for filming. It also encapsulates the filming process where the script is eventually brought to life by the talent involved.


After the video is shot, we work with you to add the final touches. The video editing phase is the point where all the rough edges of the raw video are seamlessly connected and when final effects, music and voice overs are implemented. The result? A clean-cut video that transitions smoothly while delivering a lasting message to your audience.
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